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Advantages of Natural Stone Flooring


Natural stone is one of the most versatile and adaptable materials to use in home design. Stone is great for offering a natural, timeless look which is set to create a sense of individuality and style in any home. Its classic appearance is one which has been admired for centuries and we’re pretty certain that stone is never going to go out of style for that very reason. Whether stone is used inside a home or externally, choosing natural stone for your next project has a number of advantages.


Natural stone is hard wearing, durable and long lasting which is what makes it such a great investment - it’s not going to need replacing anytime soon. You can be certain that our stone will be the perfect choice for all areas of the home, including heavy traffic areas with plenty of footfall, including children and pets. 


Natural stone is really versatile when it comes to making interior choices. Whether your interior style is contemporary or traditional, there is a stone to suit all styles. Stone is often a popular choice for hallways, kitchens and utility rooms, however, it’s also worth noting that stone is a great option in other areas of the home too! Flagstone flooring makes a great choice for bathrooms due to its resistance to moisture and ability to be fitted over underfloor heating. Find out more about stone and underfloor heating here.

You may have also noticed that at White Hall, we offer a range of interior and exterior stone. Using stone indoors and in your outdoor space can be a really nice way to take the inside out, acting as an extension to your home. Some of our stones are supplied in two different finishes so they can be used both internally and externally: Old Farmhouse Green, Old Grey, and Provence. These three variations of stone have had different finishes applied so they are more robust, and slip resistant, making them an excellent option for exterior use. Find out more about creating a seamless flow from inside to out, here.

Low Maintenance 

You may be surprised to find out that flagstone flooring is really easy to maintain and keep clean - providing that you use the right products and methods. If you look after your flagstones in the correct way, they really will last a lifetime! It’s important to note that you will need to deep clean your stone every 5-10 years and reseal it to keep it looking as good as new. Take a look at a full list of our cleaning recommendations here.

Be Inspired

Here is a selection of images featuring our stone in different spaces, to give you a really good idea of just how versatile our stone is at White Hall Flagstones. You can also take a look at our project page for more inspiration! 

Old Rectory Dining Space


Interior to Exterior - Old Farmhouse Green

 Cliton Bathroom

 Open Plan Kitchen - Old Oast House

Flagstones really do offer a great deal of advantages, especially if you are looking for a material that is hard wearing, stylish and won’t go out of fashion. Any flooring is an investment and we are confident in saying that the benefits of stone flooring are set to outweigh the cost, hassle and time it takes to maintain in the long run. If you have any questions about our stone flooring, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing or calling 01432870855.