Interior Flagstone


Our Interior Flagstone Collection

It is our belief at White Hall, that original flagstone floors look beautiful because they are old, and also because a great deal of care was taken in the laying of them with mixed widths. This in turn creates a floor that has an elegant balance, using the correct ratio of large and small flag stones. This attention to traditional detail and insite into original floors makes our range of limestone & sandstone flooring unique within the interior stone flooring industry.

Take a look at the beautiful natural stone floors on this page, click an image to view more details of each tile or flagstone. If you need any help or advice to create your perfect flagstone floor please give us a call on 01432 870 855 or use the Contact Form.

It goes without saying that investing in a flagstone floor from White Hall stone tile company, will be a marvel for generations to come.

The Flagstone Collection is an extensive range of flagstones carefully put together by White Hall to offer a solution to every interior stone flooring project. Browse the images below to find the perfect stone for your project then click through for specific flagstone detail.