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Flagstones gained popularity in flooring in the thirteenth century when architecture became more ornate. The enormous value of flagstone flooring came from both its beauty and longevity: beauty in that no two stones were ever the same and longevity in the lifetime value of a well laid flagstone floor.

Nowadays processing of flagstone flooring has become automated with stone cut to exact sizes. The craft and value of the stone and its potential has been lost. White Hall has been born as a reaction to this process and a desire to recreate not just the quality of original flagstone flooring but ensure that there is no repetition in any White Hall stone floor.

White Hall was founded by Richard Rogers, whose reclamation background enabled him to create a business that approached flooring with the same level of detail and love for the source material as existed when the material was first used. The approach that we take means that the most is made of every bit of stone: no two pieces of stone are the same size and each White Hall floor has an exquisite approach to craft and detail. The result is flooring that becomes part of the very fabric of the building.

We believe that we have the most stunning product range here at White Hall. Every member of staff respects and understands the material and the flooring is crafted in a unique way to ensure that our customers have a floor that they never tire of looking at. White Hall floors give life and character to a room: a different experience depending on where you look and how furniture and light compliment it.

White Hall Flagstones are unique, beautiful and stand the test of time.

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Our range of tile patterns

Single Width & Random Length

White Hall Single width flagstone pattern

Double Width & Random Length

White Hall Double width flagstone pattern

Triple Width & Random Length

White Hall Triple width flagstone pattern

Grand Opus Pattern

White Hall Grand Opus flagstone pattern