White Hall Flagstones

White Hall Flagstones

White Hall was originally set up by Richard Rogers as a building reclamation yard, buying and selling original flagstones and wood flooring. Following customer requests and requirements for original flagstones, and the lack of supply available, White Hall introduced its own range of new, natural stone flagstones, in finishes and floor patterns similar to what had always been used traditionally.

Crucially, the unique approach of White Hall is based on the fact that no two stones are laid in the same pattern, thus ensuring the lifetime value of a well laid flagstone floor.

Our Unique Look

Beautiful Floors

It is our belief at White Hall, that flagstone floors look beautiful because of the quality of material, and also because a great deal of care and skill is taken in setting out a stone floor.

This approach creates floors that have an elegant balance, using the correct ratio of large and small flagstones, ensuring a White Hall floor has no repetition. This attention to detail and insight ensures the longevity and timelessness of a new stone floor, a testimony to the relevance of original flagstone floors 800 years after they were first introduced.

Timelessness and longevity is guaranteed because of the quality of stone and the fact that you will never tire of looking at it, given its unique pattern. This approach makes our range of stone flooring unique within the interior stone flooring industry.

White Hall Yard

We believe that you need to see and touch the material to truly appreciate it and understand the visual impact it can have in a building.

To see the scale of product available to you, visit us at WHITE HALL YARD, where we have thousands of square metres of stone for you to look at. One of our team of experts will be on hand to show you round and share with you their knowledge of the stone.

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White Hall Showroom

If you would like to experience the full visual impact of White Hall Flagstones, then we invite you to our incredible SHOWROOM in the heart of Hereford.

This three story building has been lovingly curated to provide you with the look and feel of our stunning stone floors.

The showroom is also home to our luxury bathrooms, the quality of which sit perfectly alongside our stone flooring.

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Trade Shows

For real flooring enthusiasts, why not visit us at one of our 6 major TRADE SHOWS throughout the year?

We love nothing more than talking to people and sharing with our knowledge of, and passion for, flagstone flooring. Find out which shows we will be exhibiting at in 2019 here.

OUR Trade Shows