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5 Things to consider when choosing your Stone Floor

Choosing your stone floor can be a big leap, so here are a few things to consider when you are going through the process of choosing. If you need any additional advice you can always give our team of experts a ring to chat it through in more detail but hopefully these 5 things are handy tips.

Should I choose the Floor first or afterwards?
When planning your project we recommend choosing your floor first and then build the rest of the project around that. The reason is there is a lot less choice in natural stone colours than there is in kitchen cabinet colours. Choose your favourite stone floor, and then select the kitchen cabinet to best compliment this. 

I want the same stone in multiple rooms, any advice?
If you are thinking of using the stone in multiple rooms, which is often the case, be aware of the impact a coloured floor will have on the interior design in each room. The rest of the design will need to orientate around the colour of the floor, which is fine, but if you have some personal pieces of furniture more vibrant in colour that you want to include in any particular room setting, this may clash with the floor.  A neutral floor such as our popular Provence gives you greater flexibility in design. Order a sample here and see it in each room to get a better idea of what it would look like and whether it would work seamlessly across multiple rooms.

What Style do you want to achieve?
The choice of stone is very dependent on the age and character of the house, and the intended design. Some of our sawn and soft tumbled limestones look equally at home in old and new settings. The 90cm x 90cm tiles look stunning in a modern home, with their large size, soft colours, smooth surface, and very soft tumbled edge looking the epitome of contemporary cool. 
Alternatively our flagstone range in their mixed widths, and aged surface look absolutely timeless in an older property, and will feel like they have always been there.
Most of our tiles are available in large and small sizes depending on whether you are tackling a bathroom or a larger living area. 

What colour should you choose?
This is an important factor to consider, are you looking at the latest trends or are you looking at a more timeless design, these are all elements that you want to consider. We suggest choosing either the floor or the cabinets and fittings to be the standout feature. This allows the whole room to flow without clashing or having different colours competing for your attention.  We go into more detail in ‘Colours to compliment your Flagstone’.

Which Finish do you like?
Texture has a big impact on the way the light hits a tile. In our bespoke range like the Old Tuscany, and Old Rectory, the mixture of different finishes means the floor is not a flat consistent look, but is more nuanced, with the light bouncing off the tiles in a different way depending on the finish. This variation typically sits very well in an old house, or a large open plan area where you want to break up the monotony of a single flat finish.

A flagstone has a more textured surface because the stone has been split from the rock face, following the natural seam in the rock.  

Had you considered all of these aspects? You can check out our latest projects here for more inspiration or get in touch to discuss your project in more detail.