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Colours to compliment your Flagstone flooring


Colours to compliment your Flagstone flooring

When creating your perfect space there is a lot to think about and then you add colour into the mix there are endless options. When speaking with a customer recently we discussed the perception of grey as a cold colour. This got us thinking about the colours that would compliment our stones.

It's difficult to mix multiple colours in one room without them clashing. So generally we suggest that you choose either the floor or the kitchen to be the standout feature. The beautiful Kitchen pictured above that we completed uses our bright and dreamy Clifton flagstone. This is beautifully complemented by the burst of blue on the island and feature tiles above the cooker. The combination of the blue wall tiles and island unit, and the light cream floor tiles, harbour a sense of tranquillity and calm that would be lovely to return home to every day, a very relaxing feeling.

If the kitchen is a large open plan area, especially with higher ceilings, then the sense of space does not produce such a visual assault on the senses, as can happen in a smaller room. In this instance combining colours is far more effective, as the open space can more easily absorb the mix of colours.

The photo below shows our wonderful Old Farmhouse Green flagstone. Here the kitchen has a classic country living look, a very neutral soft cream. Here the Flagstone is the out and out winner in the WOW factor, but the subtlety of the kitchen units creates an overall timeless kitchen setting, so the two parts complement each other perfectly.


Our Farmhouse Green flooring is one of our most popular due to its amazing versatility but we love this kitchen for its simple colour choices. The warm hues in the limestone are really brought to life with the addition of the wooden beam and in the natural light the warm colours are accentuated.

What we love about this is that it is adaptable over time, if they want to switch from the greens to blues they just need to swap in some different accessories.


Old grey Flagstone paired with the off white cabinets has created a sophisticated and versatile look for this kitchen. The lighting has added a lovely warmth to the room and again this can be accessorised with any colour to suit the mood or the season. 

The Old Grey tends to be more consistent in colour. It, therefore, lends itself to both traditional and contemporary homes and its versatility can take on a range of personalities. An example could be a kitchen extension to an older property. There is a lot of light from bifold doors, and also a more contemporary feel to the extension. If the kitchen is also going to be a sleeker, bolder design, the Old Grey would suit perfectly.


The look and feel of a traditional floor would tie the extension and old part of the house together, whilst the consistency and colour palette of the grey would also lend itself to the more contemporary feel of the extension and bi-folds.

Another of our most popular stones is the Provence. The smooth textured surface of the Provence flagstones exudes a refined quality. The dark cupboards of this utility room go beautiful with the warm Provence stone, a match made in heaven. We love the simplicity of the colour scheme, it created a sense of elegance in an otherwise purely functional room. 

We hope that this provides some inspiration. You can find even more over on our Instagram page or sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date.