Old Farmhouse Green


Pandy Monmouthshire

April 2013

Flooring Specification:
Old Green Farmhouse Flagstone flooring in 60cm random lengths. Required over a floor area.

The Old Green Farmhouse Flagstone tiles were required for this large barn conversion overlooking the Monmouthshire hills. The traditional green flagstone was needed to add a sense of history to the property and its setting. The Farmhouse flagstone tiles look like what the original barn flooring would have. The tumbled flagstone edges and aged patina is every bit as reminiscent of an original flagstone, as the real thing itself. It was used throughout the entire ground floor, providing an easy to maintain floor, with warmth and durability.

Area: 170m2

Price: £39.50m2 + VAT

Floor Fitted: White Hall Flagstones

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