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Where to start if you are planning a renovation


Where to start if you are planning a renovation

It’s a good question, just where do you start? A renovation no matter how big or small takes a lot of thought and planning.

The internet is full of inspiration from social media channels such as instagram and pinterest to online magazines and how to guides. Planning though is the key to getting it right.

  • Develop a plan that clearly states your goals.
  • Set your budget - remembering to add a little extra, at least 10% for unforeseen expenses. Request cost estimates from all contractors and trades and price all required materials.We are happy to provide an estimate if you are considering interior flagstones, exterior flagstones or engineered oak flooring. 
  • Talk to and hire contractors and trades - the good ones will be booked up well in advance so make sure you get in touch with them as soon as possible and be prepared to wait for the right one. 
  • Create a timeline - use a calendar to mark out each step of the project. Set a completion date that includes a few days’ worth of wiggle room for unexpected issues. Confirm with everyone that the timeline is realistic and keeps you within budget.
  • Pack up and move out if needed - whether or not you should live in your home during construction depends on what work is being done but you might need to consider temporary spaces like a makeshift kitchen if yours is part of the renovation.

With the planning done you can start to give thought to the interior decoration, the finishing touches that make all the difference. If you’re looking for inspiration visit our projects page to see some of our completed projects.

When considering flooring we recommend an early conversation with us if you are keen to use stone flooring. Our expert team has years of experience and are happy to answer any of your questions. You can also come and see us at a show, you will be able to see samples of the stone and we can talk you through the process from start to finish.

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Renovating gives you the opportunity to give your property a fresh look but it also gives you the chance to put your own mark and personality into your home. A stone floor with its tumbled edges and textured feel can create a sense of history whilst cleaner, sleeker lines and finishes feel more contemporary but are also made to last and can evolve with your home, complimenting colours, styles and trends as they come and go. We offer both interior and exterior flagstones giving you the option to extend the feel of your home outside into your garden. 

There is a lot to consider so don’t be afraid to contact us and ask questions. We are here to help and can also send you samples or depending on the size of your project, we can also arrange to visit.