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What is quiet luxury and why is it one of the biggest interior trends for 2023?


What is quiet luxury and why is it one of the biggest interior trends for 2023?

We know that interior design trends come and go each year, but this one for 2023 has to be one of our personal favourites! ‘Quiet luxury’ refers to interiors that use natural, elegant colour palettes and sustainable, luxury materials. This design also embraces minimalism and simplicity to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. In this blog, we discuss how you can achieve quiet luxury in your own home (using stone of course!), check out some of our top tips below.

1. Choose colours and materials that would be found outside in nature


This beautiful bathroom is the perfect example of the quiet luxury trend. By using natural materials such as wood for the door, and our natural Clifton stone for the flooring, this individual has created a warm and inviting space. Our Clifton stone even contains small fossils, adding to the natural beauty!

The colour palette in this bathroom is also reminiscent of the outdoors, with the green window frame and the use of earthy tones near the sink.  These soft accents create a bright and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for soaking in the bathtub after a long day.

Home: @merryminerva on Instagram

2. It's all about the neutral, warm tones!


This stunning cosy corner looks simply perfect for winding down after a long day or indulging in a good book. The soft tones from the plush pink sofa and the earthy hues from our Old Farmhouse Green flagstones create a timeless and elegant final look. The quiet luxury trend is also all about bringing in natural elements where possible, and the house plant adds to that element perfectly.

Home: @theaccidentalbuilders on Instagram

3. Keep it minimal

The more minimalistic the better for this trend! Quiet luxury is all about embracing a minimalistic and timeless space, with a few key items that you really love or frequently use. Having a minimalistic space not only looks fantastic, but it is much more liveable and relaxing too. Our Old Tuscany flooring works wonderfully in this gorgeous home in Surrey.

4. Invest in quality, natural materials

Another key aspect of the quiet luxury trend is the importance of using high quality, luxury and sustainable materials around your home. Whether it’s using natural, durable materials such as granite for your countertop, or limestone for your flooring, this trend embraces top quality, reliable materials that have a unique and timeless look, set to last you for many years to come.

Stone: Provence

Thinking about renovating your home? Why not take a look at our range of stone flooring here! Or, if you’re not quite sure on what look and feel you want to go for, why not get some inspiration over on our project page?

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