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There's so much to love about flagstones


There's so much to love about flagstones

There’s so much to love about flagstones and today we thought we would highlight a few reasons why investing in our interior flagstones is a great idea.

To start with we feel this one is obvious, they look stunning but we know that looking good isn’t enough, they need to deliver on practicality and budget too. 

So let’s consider Practicality…

A flagstone floor is super hardwearing, bringing both style and substance to your home. Once laid we recommend sealing it before you grout and then again afterwards, then there’s no need to reseal for 5-15 years depending on how often you use the area.

Maintenance is easy as long as you follow some simple rules on cleaning, the most important being to use the correct cleaner. We always recommend using the cleaner supplied by the sealant company as they have put it through rigorous research and development to ensure it cleans and maintains the flagstones effectively. 

If you are considering underfloor heating then there’s even more to love about our flagstones as they are a fantastic conductor of heat and the stone also retains its heat once the heating has gone off.

Your pets will love your flooring too as they are less likely to get into trouble for muddy paws, a quick wipe and the situation is sorted. We have yet to meet a cat or dog who doesn’t love a snooze on our flagstones. Children benefit too, with bare feet on warm flagstones, no worries if they spill their drink and if you’ve sealed your flagstones properly, play-doh and paint are easily mopped up! 

Let’s not forget allergens, unlike carpets, stone flooring doesn’t hold allergens which makes it great for any members of the family or guests who suffer perhaps from pet allergies as stone floors can easily be wiped or vacuumed.

Of course, there’s the Budget…

Flagstones are not the cheapest flooring option you’ll find but you do need to consider that whilst there is an initial expense for the stones and fitting they will last you a lifetime if looked after properly. How often have you visited an old property and seen flagstones that have been there for years? We have a variety of options you can choose from and prices start from £34.95 per square metre for the Provence, so you can control the budget a little by what you choose. 

Before we finish we thought we would return to where we started and mention again how stunning they are. If you take a moment to explore our range we hope you’ll agree. Options include Old Farmhouse Green; a green-brown limestone with the timeless look of a classical old farmhouse flagstone tile. Or The Clifton, a subtle yet strikingly elegant stone that sits comfortably in both new and old homes or perhaps the Salisbury which has a slightly textured finish to the surface, adding to the vintage feel of the stone.

We appreciate that nothing beats getting a feel for the textures and colour tones of our flagstones inside your home, so we offer a free sample service and an invitation to get in touch if you have any questions.

Importantly, flagstones can work well with changes in home trends, we feel confident that whatever look is in you’ll find that the timeless elegance of our flagstones means they will always look good.