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Creating the perfect patio with Whitehall Flagstones


Creating the perfect patio with Whitehall Flagstones

With summer in full swing and the UK seeing warmer and lighter evenings, you will undoubtedly be spending a little bit more time outside over the next couple of months. At Whitehall, we believe that creating an appealing outdoor space that acts as an extension to your living space really is a great idea.

Whether you are wanting to create a space for entertaining friends and family, dining, or you just want an outdoor area to relax with a good book - our flagstones act as a brilliant foundation in creating a wonderful space for you to enjoy. Similarly to our interior flagstones, our exterior stone is durable and easy to maintain, making them a worthwhile investment for any exterior project. Aesthetically, we think flagstones make a brilliant complimentary addition to any outdoor space due to their natural colours and they certainly won’t look out of place.

Choosing your outside stone couldn't be easier with Whitehall Flagstones. Take a look at our full range of exterior flagstones here. Our range of exterior stone is not extensive, but from experience we have something to suit every type of project, no matter how big or small. Ordering some flagstone samples is a great way to decide on which stone is going to be the perfect fit for your visiont. Order your free samples here today. 

Accessorising your patio space
Once you have had your patio laid, it is time to accessorise! Enhancing your patio with a whole host of accessories is a great way to make your space an even more comfortable and inviting area to spend your time, not only in the summer months, but all year round. 

Why not invest in a firepit? A firepit is a great feature to have in your garden, allowing you to use your garden not just in the summer, but throughout cooler months when you may not have done so previously. Firepits are also great if you are a lover of outdoor cooking - we love The Woodee firepits, which are made in Herefordshire and have been designed not only to bring warmth, but are also for cooking on.

Adding a selection of plants to your patio area can really make your space feel more attractive and welcoming. You may want to make use of potted plants to bring a splash of colour to your space, or you may be keen to add a selection of plants which are perfect for attracting wildlife to your garden. If you are unsure of what plants will suit your patio area, Gardeners World have a great article offering advice on this - take a look at the article here. 

When deciding on which furniture to purchase for your patio area, think about what you will mostly be using the space for - this will help you to decide what furniture is going to be necessary. If you are wanting the space to function as a dining area, a table and chairs would most likely be what you need. If you would prefer your space to be for relaxing, enjoying drinks and entertaining, you may decide to ditch the dining table for seating and smaller side tables. For tips on how to choose the right furniture in your garden, Furnish Your Garden have a really informative blog, offering tips on how to choose furniture to compliment your outdoor patio. Take a look at the blog here. 

Don’t let poor lighting be the reason why you can’t enjoy your patio and garden well into the evening. Investing in lighting for your outdoors space, will not only add style and ambience - it is also very practical to ensure safety! Take a look at this blog by Homebuilding & Renovation for some inspiration! 

Need some inspiration? Here are some of our favourite patio spaces that have been created using our wonderful selection of exterior stone:


Take a look at our full range of exterior flagstones here. If you have any questions on our exterior options, or would like some advice in choosing yours, please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts by calling 01432870855 or by emailing