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Stone Flooring - Not just for kitchens!


Stone Flooring - Not just for kitchens!

Typically, when we think of stone flooring many of us instantly think of a beautiful, country kitchen, assuming that a kitchen or dining space is the only area within a home most suitable for this type of flooring. Stone flooring and flagstone flooring is actually incredibly diverse and could be a brilliant option throughout other areas of your home including, bathrooms, hallways, dining areas, utility rooms and lounge areas - not to mention outdoors!

Stone tiles or flagstones are a great option for any area of your home that has a heavy footfall, especially hallways and utility areas. This type of flooring is practical, durable, low maintenance and easy to clean - perfect for the types of areas in your home that are bound to see muddy paws and wet, dirty wellies more often than not. If you are thinking of getting stone tiles or flagstone flooring in your utility, boot room or laundry room, we have a great blog here which delves into why limestone is a great choice for those areas. 

Stone flooring can also be a perfect option of flooring for your bathroom too. As you will have gathered already from this blog and our previous blogs, flagstones or limestone tiles (as featured in the bathroom picture above) are great for a whole host of practical reasons. Aside from practicality, they are very stylish and versatile, fitting well into both contemporary or traditional homes, giving a timeless feel in any home. It is also worth noting that stone works really well with underfloor heating, making them a desirable choice for your bathroom for obvious reasons. At Whitehall, we have seen many flagstones being laid in bathrooms, click here for inspiration!

You may not have considered stone flooring for your lounge or living area before, however, at Whitehall we believe that creating a comfortable living room or snug can be really simple, yet effective with this type of flooring, especially in homes with open plan living areas, creating a feel of continuity throughout a home. Due to their natural, earthy tones and textures, flagstones are easy to pair with other interiors and soft furnishings to compliment and add a touch of extra cosiness where needed. 

Exterior stone is also a great option for your garden patio or terrace, (especially if you already have them in your home!) as they can be a great way to seamlessly bridge the gap between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Some of our flagstones, such as The Old Farmhouse Green, The Old Grey and Provence are supplied in 2 different finishes, enabling them to be used both indoors or outdoors. These 3 types of flagstones come in different thicknesses and finishes, to ensure that they are more robust and slip resistant for exterior use.

If you are looking for inspiration on flooring throughout your house, why not take a look at our project page where you can see which is an archive consisting of our extensive portfolio of completed flooring projects.