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How to Plan a Kitchen with your Floor in Mind


How to Plan a Kitchen with your Floor in Mind

Assess all your needs

It may sound obvious, but the first thing to think about when planning your kitchen flooring is to acknowledge what your kitchen is going to be used for! For some, a kitchen may be used simply for cooking, but for others a kitchen may team up as a main living space where the whole family congregates. Thinking about how often you plan on entertaining in your kitchen is also important.

From a design perspective, it's important to consider the colour of your flooring - will it be running through multiple rooms? If so, what will the knock on effect be on the interiors of the other rooms? If you answered yes to the first question, you may want to consider a neutral colour flooring as they can typically be easier to combine with a variety of colour palettes.

How much natural light do you have, and what type of lighting are you planning on installing in your kitchen? If the room doesn’t have much natural light, that can be easily offset by having good downlighters. Judge your flooring on how you plan to live with it. For example, if you are going to turn the lights on each time you walk into the room, the floor will always be well lit - this opens up far more options for the colour of stone for your floor.  

If you’re going traditional, the appearance of our Farmhouse Green Stone or the Old Rectory which has a combination of finishes, will give this feel. If you are after a more contemporary look, then our Clifton 60cm x 90cm or one of our 90cm x 90cm tiles may be more suitable.

Think about your budget

Natural stone isn’t considered the cheapest option when it comes to flooring however, it is a long term investment in creating your dream home after all! Natural stone has many benefits - it is robust, hard wearing and low maintenance (providing you use the correct cleaning products) which are qualities to suit any modern lifestyle. Natural stone is ideal for both traditional and contemporary designed homes, creating a truly timeless look.

Consider plumbing and heating

If you’re opting for underfloor heating, this will need to be installed prior to laying the kitchen floor. Underfloor heating has become a very popular option and removes the need for radiators, helping to create an even heat without cold spots. Natural Flagstone flooring works really well with underfloor heating as it’s a great natural conductor of heat, with high thermal conductivity, as well as great heat retention.

Look for lighting options

The primary function of a kitchen may still be cooking, but for many of us, it serves as one of the main entertaining spaces in the home. Deciding on lighting can often be one of the last things to be considered when planning the kitchen but it is important to keep in mind that the natural properties of a stone floor can look different in different lighting, whether natural or artificial. We recommend ordering samples of the stone you’re considering so that you can see it in real-life surroundings. Order your free samples here. 

Make a mood board

Are you going for something more traditional or contemporary? Creating a mood board can be a great way to bring all of your ideas and inspiration together and help you to visualise the space. Head to our Instagram page for inspiration, or take a look at our projects page on our website!

Consult an expert

We are passionate about the service we provide for our customers and pride ourselves on the knowledge that the whole team possesses. Give us a call to talk through your project or come and visit us at our showroom in Herefordshire. Having seen lots of beautiful kitchens over the years, we may even give you some ideas that you hadn’t considered!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us by giving us a call on 01432 870 855.