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Reasons to use exterior stone in your garden or outdoor space - get summer ready with Whitehall!


Reasons to use exterior stone in your garden or outdoor space - get summer ready with Whitehall!

With so many of us spending so much more time at home in recent years, it is no wonder that a large percentage of us are investing and making changes to our living spaces to make it the most comfortable and appealing place to be. At Whitehall we believe that creating an outside space, just as desirable as your inside space is a great idea - especially as we enter into sunnier seasons with lighter evenings! Flooring is the perfect way to make your garden feel more like an extension to your home rather than a completely separate space. Whether you have frequent visitors and like to host, or simply enjoy being outside in the fresh air with a good book to relax, creating a wonderful patio or terraced area, using our exterior flagstones is a great idea.

Our traditional hand cut flagstones are the embodiment of a traditional flagstone with their riven surface, and natural gritty texture ideally suited for exterior use. Our range of exterior stone and cobbles is not extensive, but from experience, we have something that is bound to suit any type of project. We offer free samples at Whitehall, helping you to choose your flooring easily. Click here to order your free samples today.

Here are 5 reasons why exterior stone is a great idea for your garden or outdoor space:

  1. Flagstones are a natural stone which is hard wearing and durable, promised to last a long time due to their raw materials. 
  2. As with interior stone, exterior stone is relatively easy to maintain and can be kept clean by simply being brushed down or wiped with hot soapy water. 
  3. Exterior flagstones can withstand both hot and cold temperatures so you do not need to worry about them shrinking or stretching as the seasons change throughout the year.
  4. As well as patios, flagstones are also great for creating paths, walkways and much more for the more creative landscapers! 
  5. Aesthetically, we think they look great! The natural colour of our exterior flagstones are complementary to any outdoor space.

At Whitehall, we offer the following exterior stone:

Forest Green - This stone captures the colours of nature perfectly with tones of green, brown and greys, echoing the natural outside environment we live in. 

Hereford Grey - This stone is the most consistent in colour and sits well against red brick, often giving a more contemporary feel and look to a garden. 

Hereford Brown - With pinky brown and grey brown tones, has a very earthy and warm feel with its natural riven surface, creating a traditional looking flagstone flooring. 

Forest Green Antique - Available in a random mix of lengths, this stone is perfect for an older property, offering historical accuracy as this is how flagstones used to be laid for hundreds of years. 

Hereford Grey Antique - This stone has been designed to produce an outdoor patio or terrace that has a bit of heritage. It also makes a good accompaniment to many of our interior grey tumbled stones, but with more grip for outside. 

Beige Antique - A perfect stone for those wanting to bring some lightness into their garden or landscaped area, due to its light cream, beige and brown tones. 

Old Grey Cobbles - A perfect accompaniment to flagstones, our cobbles help to create a patio or terraced area with impact.

Forest Green Cobbles - Our Forest Green Cobbles are a great addition to any patio area as they lend more design and creativity to a space. They can be used to break up large flagstones and they also area great option for a patio border. 

Our exterior stone comes in a variety of lengths and sizes - take a look at the individual pages on our website to see the specific dimensions for each stone type. If you have any questions on our exterior options, or would like some advice in choosing yours, please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts by calling 01432870855 or by emailing