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Flagstones - Make sure you do the prep!


Flagstones - Make sure you do the prep!

Whether you’re painting, wallpapering, tiling or varnishing it’s always important to plan ahead and laying interior flagstones is no exception - it’s all in the prep!

Our team or your fitter can help you plan your project but we have included a few simple steps to consider if you want to understand the preparation process a little better.

Plan your project: this is so important and will save you lots of unnecessary work. Do your research and ask questions of the professionals. Consider the space and what you want to achieve, are you looking to lay a traditional or more contemporary look, this is an important decision as it informs the flagstones and style of pattern you choose. Make sure you also allow for wastage when ordering, this allows for cutting, shade variations and gives you a few spares if needed later on.

Tip: Explore our website there’s lots of useful information to help you plan and plenty of flagstones to choose from. We also offer a Free Sample Service which our customers always find useful.

Get expert help: if you are laying your flagstones then unless you have experience we strongly recommend speaking to our team for a little advice. Better still, get an expert in, a stone floor fitter will know exactly what to do.

Tip: If you are looking for a fitter recommendation is always a good place to start or you can use an online service like Rated People

Prep the area: make sure you set aside an area for you or your fitter tto unpack your delivery and easily see all the flagstones you have, some will vary in size and shade so it’s good to be able to easily see them. Prep the floor too, remove any dirt or grease that may affect the adhesive. Make sure the floor you are laying onto is even with no movement, this is particularly important if you are laying onto a timber floor. Ensure any concrete/screed/self-levelling compounds are fully cured before your flagstones are fixed in place. It may be worth dry laying your tiles so you can see how they will look and move them around if needed.

Tip: Your fitter may help with this but if you can do some of the work yourself it may save you money if budget is a concern.

Flagstones can also be laid externally and we offer a range of exterior flagstones if you are considering laying a patio as part of your project. Creating a flow from inside to outside has become popular particularly if you have bifold doors and want to create a feeling of a seamless floor that flows to your outdoor space.

If you are looking for outdoor inspiration there’s plenty of lovely products to choose from and our exterior flagstones look so good we feel they deserve some gorgeous outdoor accessories. You may like The Den & Now we’ve noticed some lovely garden furniture but also a few interior bits and pieces too. Need a book to help you? Gardens for the Soul offers ideas on how you can create sustainable and stylish eco-friendly outdoor spaces.

If you need any further information or have any questions please contact us.