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Flagstones & Cosy Interiors


Flagstones & Cosy Interiors

The winter months have us all craving a sense of cosiness, warmth and comfort. We love seeing our flagstones accessorised in a way that creates this feeling and it’s easy to do.

Installing underfloor heating is a great place to start if you are building or renovating your home, stone retains heat so will keep your feet feeling toastie even when the heating has gone off. If underfloor heating isn’t an option and you’re worried about cold feet, accessorising with a rug is the perfect solution. We love Ruggable they are spill proof, interchangeable and machine washable and come in a range of stylish prints. We think our Highland Grey flagstones would look stunning with a Kamran Coral Rug. And of course, any excuse for a new pair of slippers for a little extra warmth, have you tried Egos?

Red, pinks,oranges, browns and bieges are good colours to use to create a feeling of warmth and that doesn’t just need to be paint colours. Pop colour into your room through your soft furnishings and be brave with a mix match of colours, nothing says homely like a selection of your favourite things so if you want an orange sofa, have one! Sofas & Stuff caught our eye with their range of British, bespoke, handmade sofas, perfect for a night in watching your favourite film or reading a book!

A flagstone floor can provide the opportunity to add the ultimate in cosiness, a wood burner which can be placed directly onto our flagstones. Our Old Farmhouse Green Sawn & Tumbled look stunning with a wood burner. These flagstones offer a far cleaner look, with their regularised edges. Ideally suited to a space where an old look is required but in a more formal, less rustic setting.

If you’re looking for charm and character opt for a stone that brings a homely warmth. Oatmeal colours like our Old Oast House will add that country home feel.

If you’re looking to bring a cosy feel to a kitchen and you have the budget, an Everhot range cooker can bring real warmth as well as showing a little of your personality. They offer energy efficient heat storage and you can choose from classic greys and creams to the bolder yellows, oranges, reds and even a bright pink!

When thinking about how to make your home feel cosy remember to think about what it is that makes you feel at home, relaxed and warm and go with it. Flagstones are a great addition to any room as thye offer a practical, timeless and traditional solution to flooring that’s hard wearing and easy to care for and maintain. 

If you are interested in adding flagstones to your home, we appreciate that picking the right colour flagstone is a big decision so we offer a free sample service.This gives you the opportunity to see and feel the textures and tones of our flagstones in your own home. 

If you need any help or advice you are more than welcome to contact us, the team are always happy to help. 

Images by @in_a_english_coastal_home on Instagram