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Create a warm welcome to your home with stone flooring


Create a warm welcome to your home with stone flooring

In a busy home, the porch and hallway may not always be given the attention it deserves, with many other jobs around the home being prioritised over this area. When we think about it though - this area of any house is possibly one of the most used parts of a home, without us even realising! So, why not make an entrance that is beautiful and welcoming as well as functional and practical? At Whitehall, we believe that our stone is perfect for creating an entrance that anyone is sure to not only notice, but to enjoy.

Using stone flooring in your porch 

Stone is a great material to use for flooring in your porch. Not only is it durable and long lasting, it is easy to clean and very low maintenance, making it ideal for areas with heavy footfall! Take a look at our blog all about cleaning and maintaining your flagstone flooring here. Whatever the weather, a stone floor is set to withstand muddy boots, wet shoes, soggy coats and dripping umbrellas - all the kind of things you won't want to bring into your main living spaces! 

Introducing stone into your hallway 

Why not create a seamless flow throughout your home by not only using stone tiles in your porch, but in your hallway too! A hallway can be an awkward space that doesn’t have the same budget and priority as other rooms, however, a hallway is a great space to make an impact. Stone is a durable and resilient material, which makes it perfect for hallways that get a lot of traffic. With such durability, you’ll never need to worry about changing your flooring anytime soon, making it a real worthwhile investment. Find out more about the prices of our stone here.

Things to consider when laying stone in your porch or hallway

  • Think about the size of your tiles. If your porch is quite small, or your hallway narrow, you may want to consider larger tiles to give the illusion that the space is bigger. Lighter coloured stones are also great for making a space feel bigger. 
  • Think about the colour of grout -as this area is likely to have a heavy footfall, with the potential to get dirty quickly - why not opt for a darker colour grout to avoid a lighter grout discolouring over time?
  • Think about the colour of your stone - if you have little natural light coming into your porch and hallway, a lighter stone such as Old Rectory or Old Oast House could work well in brightening the space. 

Need some inspiration? Here are just a few examples of past porches and hallways we have had the pleasure of providing stone for: 

If you have any queries regarding our stone and your next project, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our experts will be happy to help. Take a look at individual stone pages on our website to find out more about the different stones we have available. If you are looking for ideas and would like to see some of our recent projects, why not take a look at our project page or social media pages for further inspiration.