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Beautiful and Practical Entranceways


Beautiful and Practical Entranceways

It’s that time of year again when we get to enjoy more crisp autumnal walks, although this often comes with muddy paws and boots, which can cause quite a mess around the entrance of your home as the family come in from the outside. Durable and long-lasting, our flagstone tiles are incredibly easy to clean with a quick sweep, hoover or mop, making them great for keeping your entranceways spotless (with no mud or paw prints in sight!).

Our flagstones are easy to maintain, allowing you to have a functional area without having to compromise on style. In this blog, we take a look at some of our flagstones that have been laid in customer entranceways, creating a stunning and practical space.

  • Old Parlour

This customer has placed our Old Parlour flagstones at the entrance of their home to create a warm and inviting area. Old Parlour is one of our more neutral-coloured flagstones, making it a great option for a number of different home styles. We love the addition of the wooden bench and coat hooks, adding rustic charm whilst also being functional.

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Stone: Old Parlour

  • Old Grey

Old Grey fits in seamlessly with a multitude of interior designs, including this gorgeous, modern home in Worcester. We love how this customer has used darker accents, such as the window frames and our Old Grey tiles, to create a unique and stylish final look.

Plus, as we mentioned earlier, our flagstones are relatively low maintenance meaning you don’t have to worry about any mud or dirt coming in from the outside. You can read more about how to maintain your flagstone floor here.

Stone: Old Grey

  • Old Farmhouse Green

Another popular flooring choice for entranceways is our Old Farmhouse Green flagstone. This natural limestone tile has tumbled edges and a brushed surface, giving it a rustic and worn appearance with plenty of character. Old Farmhouse Green also comes in a number of different lengths, allowing you to choose a flooring pattern that is unique to your home.

Stone: Old Farmhouse Green

  • Old Priory

Our Old Priory flagstones are a popular choice amongst our customers and it’s easy to see why! This slightly worn flagstone is great for those wanting a more classic and sophisticated final look. With its soft colour palette and stylish finish, this flagstone lends itself to a number of contemporary and traditional settings. This customer also placed Old Priory throughout their home to create a seamless transition between rooms.


Stone: Old Priory

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