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Busting the Myths surrounding Flagstone Flooring


Busting the Myths surrounding Flagstone Flooring

We are passionate about our stone floor tiles, be it the more traditional flagstones, or the large format limestone tiles, and the beautiful option they provide to people in their homes. There are however quite a few myths surrounding them as a material, but we are here to put those to rest so you can make an informed decision and find the perfect stone tiles for you.

Myth: Flagstones are hard to maintain

This couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s just a matter of knowing what to do. Once the stone is sealed it goes from being permeable to impermeable so is protected. Supermarket cleaners are often bleach-based so will strip the sealant off the tiles, and that alone is the most common mistake as to why people struggle with maintenance.  If you use the cleaner from the sealant manufacture (Fila) they would have spent untold amounts on developing a cleaner that cleans the floor and looks after it.  Simply mix some cleaner with warm water as instructed on the bottle, then clean with a squeegee mop which helps lift the dirt off the floor rather than spread it around.

Myth: Underfloor heating doesn’t work well with stone tiles

Stone is often associated with being cold, in old buildings and it is true that natural stone does a great job at staying cool especially during summer months, however, it also works really well with underfloor heating as they conduct heat well and do a great job at retaining the heat for longer.
It is often perceived that because stone tiles can be quite thick that they take a bit longer to heat up, and whilst this may be the case, they will retain that heat for longer and can therefore be considered more efficient. 

Myth: Stone tiles and paving are difficult to install

Our stone tiles (where the tiles are sawn from a stone slab into tiles) are usually calibrated to 15mm with a tolerance of +/- 1mm. The result is the tile is very similar to fitting a porcelain tile. Our flagstones are split from a block of stone so may have a slightly larger degree of tolerance +/- 3mm. The tiler just needs to take their time in fitting the flagstones. 

Myth: Stone tiles are always expensive

Putting in a new floor is an investment for anyone but doesn’t have to break the bank. Our stones are hand-finished and as a natural product, they are perceived to be more expensive. Your flooring should however be chosen with longevity in mind, stone is a material that is easy to maintain and will last a lifetime. Flooring is something that you want to put in once so it is definitely worth investing in.
Read more about the process and choosing your floor in our case study with Lucy from Victoria Road Restoration. 

Myth: Your stone tiles will scratch and chip easily

Flagstone stone tiles are very durable as a floor choice and are very resistant to scratches. Care does need to be taken and like with any floor you would want to avoid dragging furniture around on the floors. Inevitably there may be some small scratches and marks over time but we think our stones get better with age and this adds the character of a beautiful well lived-in home. 

We have never had a customer come back to us where something heavy has dropped onto the floor causing the tile to chip or break. When fitted onto a full bed of adhesive, the floor is quite literally strong enough to drive a car onto. Flagstones can be the perfect option for a busy family home.

Myth: Flagstones are not good for use outside

Flagstones are brilliant to use outdoors and are often the chosen stone for patios. It naturally permeates the water instead of having water runoff. They also provide a natural option that blends with the outdoors and choosing the right finish will provide an anti-slip option so perfect for pottering about outside in your bare feet.
Read our blog about creating a seamless transition from the inside to the outside to really make the most of your space here.

Myth: You should stay away from stone tiles in your kitchen

We have supplied our Flagstone tiles to many people for their kitchens, and these can be seen across our Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook as well as our recent projects. In fact, kitchens are probably the most popular room that we supply our Flagstones to. Natural stone can cope with anything that a busy family home can throw at them. Easy to clean and maintain, durable and can cope with heavy footfall, after all our stone tiles are chosen for their longevity. We do advise that any spillages are cleaned up immediately to avoid staining as we would recommend with any floor.

Myth: Stone will be slippery

Depending on the finish that you decide on, the only time tiles will be slippery is when they have just been washed and are still wet. Obviously caution should be taken.
You can read more about the different edges and styles in our Glossary of terms.