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How to Maintain Your Travertine Floor


How to Maintain Your Travertine Floor

Follow our simple steps to clean and maintain your travertine floor.

Like all stone floors, travertine has to be sealed. It is vital that the best cleaning products are used, and that they are applied correctly.

It is very important that the cleaning products used are non-abrasive to the tile, therefore avoid using man-made products like floor cleaners or bleaches.

We highly recommend Fila - Professional Maintainence for Surfaces, which we sell in our showroom. If you don’t plan on visiting our showroom you can purchase it though us and we will deliver it to you.

How to Use:

Mix the Fila solution with warm water and use it to mop the floor as normal.

For a more visual explanation, take a look at the Fila Youtube Channel which contains multiple demonstrations of how to use their products.

With the use of this recommended sealant and the correct maintenance procedures, your floor should last 5 to 10 years.

Any Questions?

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