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The Difference Between Old Farmhouse Green and Sawn & Tumbled

Colour-wise, they’re the same - they’re a limestone with tones of green and brown, with subtle variations between the two colours. It's the edges that differ.

The Old Farmhouse Green 

It has tumbled edges which are slightly more chipped, and it is topped with a brushed surface. This style creates an aged, time worn appearance will seem like stepping wonderfully into the past, therefore it is better suited to more traditional settings

Case Study: (below) Old Farmhouse Green in a traditional home.

Old Farmhouse Green Sawn Edge and Tumbled

It has more regularised edges which creates a far cleaner look. Generally, this is ideally suited where an old look is required, but in a more formal, less rustic setting.  

Case Study: (below) In this 30 year old house it still gets that country feel, but in a more modern environment.