Castle House

Castle House is a Grade II listed Georgian villa that has a commanding position at the top of Castle Street in Hereford, with elegant architecture. The hotel sits beside what remains of the old Hereford castle moat, now just a reminder of Hereford's once strategic importance. 

Keeping the history of the building in mind the owner wanted to combine the architectural elegance with a contemporary touch. The beautiful Provence stone with it’s soft tumbled edges works beautifully in the space with the unique larger 90 x 90 cm times bringing it into the present day. 

The beautiful bar area now demands the eyes' attention against the beautifully soft Provence stone and has created a seamless transition from inside to the outside area overlooking the stunning old moat.

The individuality of the 90 x 90cm stones is something we are really proud to offer our customers and are excited to be able to show you exactly what it looks like in such a gorgeous setting. 

If you would like to discuss the 90x 90cm for your home, please give us a call on 01432 870 855

Bar Area
Restaurant area

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