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2024 Trends For Your Home


2024 Trends For Your Home

Every year starts with a flurry of trends for the year ahead and in many ways, we don’t do trends because our flagstones and engineered oak flooring are timeless, however, they can adapt to trends as they come and go. With that in mind, we thought we would explore a few…

Statement Pieces

We feel very at home with this trend because our flooring is just that and always has been! If you’re looking to make flooring yours then we promise our interior flagstones will be the conversation piece you’re looking for. We offer a choice of traditional, stylish and contemporary finishes that will complement any room, style or period you are looking to achieve. 

Scandi-inspired Design

Earthy beiges are in but we’ve always known that! Our Cotswold, Seashell and Fontenay Pillow Edge are just a few of the neutral flagstones we offer. Think cool and cosy when designing your room with plenty of natural materials and modest decoration - a few plants too. We just love the choice offered by Beards & Daises.

One Wall Kitchens and Utility Rooms

We love this idea and the way we see it is that there’s less floor space taken up so our flagstones or (if you prefer) our engineered oak can shine. This year it is all about making the most of small spaces but remember to think about functionality and flow in your planning. This includes utility rooms which are also receiving attention in this year's trend lists as they become a place for experimentation - think of new ways to lay tiles or go all out with colour. We love the way Lick paint is causing a stir and they offer a sample at-home service like us. You might like to explore our free sample service which allows you to see and feel the textures and colour tones of our flagstones inside your home.

Seventies Revival 

A trend that is set to sweep through our homes to include low furniture, lacquered surfaces, shaggy faux fur rugs and fluted wall panelling. If you are keen to go with this trend, our engineered oak is the perfect partner available in single and multi widths. When laid, you have the look and feel you expect from an oak floor. You’ll notice more vintage pieces and antiques sourced from places like Vinterior, an online marketplace, to add instant personality to a home. 


Heritage is back too, with cafe curtains and farmhouse sinks making a comeback - we love it. Our Old Farmhouse Green Sawn & Tumbled has been sitting waiting patiently for this and we think it would look stunning with gingham or striped curtains!

Bathing Outside

We have Vin Hof and Gwyneth Paltrow amongst others to thank for this trend. Outdoor showers and bathing have become a thing. We are not sure if it’s for us, but if you fancy it then it’s all about the materials and textures that you use to create something a little different outside. We’ve noticed bathtubs being located on cobbles which made us think of our Forest Green Cobbles in a whole new way!

We’ve been inspired by a few articles including House Beautiful and Livingetc which you may want to visit for further information. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about our flooring, our team are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Please use our Contact Page to get in touch with us.